About Me

I am a Software Engineer capable of working on a wide array of programming languages.

Currently, I worked on managing other developers and at the same time helped coding specifically on backend development using Nodejs (based on koa framework). I have extensive knowledge on REST API development as well as GRAPHQL – when implemented using nodejs. My prefered project management tool is JIRA.

Previously, I focused on Web related projects specifically PHP based such as WordPress (both templates and plugins), API implementation on client and server side (using philsturgeon codeigniter RESTFUL Server and Client), Management Information Systems (including Enrollment systems, Billing, POS, Accounting). I can work also on a lot of PHP frameworks that is MVC. I consider myself an expert in Codeigniter (having worked on this framework since 2010), Laravel (2 years ago) and Phalcon (2 years ago).

I also delved on Mobile Development using Android and launched a game called Mathfillin on the Play Store. This is a puzzle game though in its infancy is soon going to be bigger.

I’m an expert in Database design, implementation (mysql and mongodb) and data migration including designs with triggers, views and stored procedures. I always give emphasis on efficient, well written and optimized databases and queries. I am always updated with recent technologies like responsive web designs, HTML5, CSS, and jquery. I can work on Twitter Bootstrap (ver 2, 3 and 4), LESS, and knows a lot about jquery plugins.

With regards to other languages, I can work also on VB.net.

As a software engineer, I’m also available to handle software development projects using SDLC and agile methods like scrum. I can work with repositories too (gitHub/bitbucket) for a distributed software development. I can provide your software and design needs. You can count on me.